Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Send Anonymous SMS

Send Sms From Friends Mobile to Any Number

Hello Friends, Today i am sharing an awesome trick with you all. Today i will tell you how to send anonymous SMS i.e. How to send SMS from any mobile number to any mobile number that means how to send SMS from your friend's mobile to your mobile or your friends mobile to your friends mobile or any other number. Basically this technique is call SMS spoofing. By SMS spoofing we can send SMS to any mobile using anyone's mobile number. How this trick can be helpful?? its simple it is helpful when you wanna prank your friends, enemies or simply you want to send free SMS to your friends using their numbers only. So friends read on...

What is SMS Spoofing? Spoofing is basically mimic of the original i.e. SMS spoofing basically is a technique to send anonymous SMS to any mobile number. By anonymous i means that we can use any mobile number to send the SMS. 

This is not actually a trick or hack but it's a service that a company is providing but the only thing the company forgot is internal send ID Check i.e. which number we are using to send SMS. So this service allows us to send SMS from any number to any number that means. Now the number that we register will be shown to the victim.Hence we are exploiting the Internal sender ID phone verification feature.

Feature's of SMS spoofing: Spoofed sms (any mobile number to any mobile number)100% anonymous  messagesWorldwide Network (i.e. we can send SMS all over the world)No advertisementsInstant Delivery of SMS

How to use this Hack?1. First of all, register
2. After Registering
you will get 25 free credits that means you can send 25 free SMS from any number to any number. For using it again register another mobile and email ID. 25 SMS is the limitation of this trick from one registered number. Usually people have two to three sims.
3.  Now after registering 
you will receive password on registered mobile number.
4. Now login with that password that you got on mobile.
5. Now go to Send SMS to number.

WARNING: Please don't use it for illegal purpose!  


  1. I have registered and then i tried login using same username and password it says username or pasword is incorrect!

  2. Go to Forgot Password and resend username and password, and check whether it is correct or not!

  3. whats promo code and affilate code... i don't get it